The Learning Program

The learning program


Carlisle Adventist Christian College is dedicated to its students achieving their full academic potential. We encourage our students to use higher order thinking skills which provide opportunities for all students to increase their learning capacity and abilities.

We have a qualified, dedicated and innovative teaching staff. Assignments and tasks are designed to provide opportunity for different learning styles to demonstrate understanding, mastery and excellence. Carlisle Adventist Christian College is proud of its tradition of providing enrichment opportunities in academic pursuits.


Carlisle Adventist Christian College is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian school. Our program is founded on Christian principles and values and is Christ-centred. We believe each student has been created with a divine purpose and destiny.

It is our desire to help each student discover and fulfil that destiny. Therefore we provide a wide variety of opportunities for students to choose to develop a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Our eternal destiny is always in the forefront of our thinking - and so we choose to work in conjunction with families to help students develop strong character traits which will be a solid foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.

Daily class worship, biblical studies classes, weekly chapel programs and practical service activities give students opportunities to develop and share their faith. All staff, including the College Chaplain, work closely to nurture the spiritual growth of our students.


At Carlisle Adventist Christian College we believe in a balanced education. Therefore Physical Education and sportsmanship are an integral part of the curriculum. HPE (Health and Physical Education) covers health issues, physical skill development and fitness assessments. The College ‘sports house’ system provides plenty of opportunity for healthy competition at athletics, cross-country and swimming carnivals. The College also strongly encourages healthy habits in its students, including healthy eating.


Carlisle Adventist Christian College recognises that many students have creative gifts and talents and that many others have a desire to explore and enjoy interests and topics other than the standard three “Rs”. Within the syllabus Art, Drama, Music and Technology cater for those students who are more creatively and practically-oriented. All students experience these subjects and those students talented in these areas are encouraged to apply themselves further by participating in creative activities including singing, art competitions and drama