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Co-Curricular opportunities allow students to develop themselves into well-rounded individuals. The Senior School student should be encouraged to develop in areas that enable them to build team and leadership skills thus allowing them to develop feelings of self-worth and success. Often Co-curricular activities provide students with these opportunities and the chance to discover who they are and to develop areas of interest and excellence outside of the classroom.

From clubs, to music, to Student Representative Council and inter-house sport - Carlisle offers students the chance to join in and become involved in the Co-curricular elements of College life.

Not every student is sporty, or artistic or musical or a mathematical genius – but every child has potential and areas of interest, this is why Carlisle consider it so important to offer a range of Co-curricular activities that cater to a diverse range of interests. These Co-curricular activities also provide an important connection between students and teachers outside of the classroom environment fostering the development of relationships built on trust and respect that come in shared journeying.

To this end we run activities in the following areas:

  • Choir
  • Worship team
  • Music bands – piano, drums, guitars
  • Inter-house sport
  • Sport teams
  • Robotics
  • Student Representative Council

Service is an important element of the Carlisle Adventist Christian College community. Carlisle believes it is important that children learn to become responsible local and global citizens. To this end opportunities for our students to become involved in service projects locally are provided and promoted; and students are encouraged to seek out and support opportunities for service within their own areas of interest and influence.

Some of these service opportunities are developed as part of the Bible curriculum taught within the College and are directed by the teacher. Others are ongoing opportunities that the College as a whole contribute to - for example – fundraising events for local charities and community groups such as ADRA, RSPCA and Anglicare.

Carlisle students also have the opportunity to become involved in STORMCo trips (Service To Others Really Matters) which typically involves groups of students traveling to indigenous communities to run Kids Clubs and be involved in community service in the local community.